Accident Notification

From 17 October 2005, railway operators and other railway industry bodies must notify the RAIB of certain accidents and incidents which involve their property or staff.

The purpose of the Railways (Accident Investigation and Reporting) Regulations 2005 is to set out the conditions under which the RAIB operates. In particular, Regulation 4 requires notifications to the RAIB of certain railway accidents and incidents. These notifications enable the RAIB to commence its investigations promptly and target its resources appropriately to fulfil its aim of preventing accidents and improving safety.

For some accidents where on-site information and evidence may be important, it is crucial that contact with the RAIB is made as soon as the railway organisation concerned becomes aware of an occurrence. Any delay at this stage may result in the loss of important evidence.

The RAIB has a dedicated reporting line for this purpose - 01332 253333 (or +44 1332 253333 if you are outside the UK).

Information for the industry on what accidents and incidents should be notified, how they should be notified and what information should be included in the notification can be found here.


This section contains information on the notification process and what is notifiable. It also includes an easy-to-use guide. >more


Notification Forms

Official notification forms in Adobe PDF and MS-Word formats. >more